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To be considered for MARSOC Critical Skills Operator, you must:

  • Be a male volunteer.
  • Have a minimum GT score of 105.
  • Have a minimum PFT of 225. 
  • Be able to pass the MARSOC swim assessment.
  • Meet the MARSOC medical screening criteria.
  • Be eligible to obtain and maintain a secret clearance.
  • Be willing, upon selection, to make a lateral move to the critical skills operator MOS.

If you meet these requirements, your next step is to contact a recruiter.

Phase 1

Assessment and Selection (A&S) Phase 1

The three-week A&S Phase 1 course serves as the precursor to the roughly three-week Assessment and Selection Course (A&S), and the nine-month Individual Training Course (ITC), with the purpose of preparing MARSOC Critical Skills Operator candidates for the challenges of A&S.

Aside from the physical training, which includes running, swimming and hiking, the course incorporates a mix of classroom instruction and practical application of basic Marine Corps knowledge and MARSOC and Special Operations Forces fundamentals. 

A&S Phase 1 completion does not guarantee selection.

Download a 10-week training guide and log (5.3 mb PDF) to help you prepare for the physical fitness aspects of the assessment and selection process.

Phase 2

Assessment & Selection (A&S) 

A&S is a mentally and physically challenging evaluation that enables MARSOC to identify Marines that have attributes compatible with special operations missions and the MARSOC way of life. A&S is highly competitive.

Phase 3

Individual Training Course (ITC) 

Marines selected for assignment as Critical Skills Operators or Special Operations Officers attend ITC, a nine-month program that builds multidimensional operators capable of operating across the full spectrum of special operations, and aware of the strategic context in which they operate.

Officers will also attend a four week Team Commanders Course (TCC) directly after completion of ITC.